Color Therapy – For What Ails you
psychic energy color therapy Richard Roberson

Color Therapy – For What Ails you

psychic energy color therapy Richard Roberson

You can balance psychic energy through color therapy. Photo by Richard Roberson

Many people do not know that color can actually really affect your mood! For example, on a grey and cloudy day, many people get depressed and really down, but on sunny days that are bright, people feel really good and happy. As a form of therapy, color therapy is very useful. There are seven main chakras, and for each one there is a color that correlates. Here are some different colors and the symbols that represent them to help you heal.

Purple – The color purple represents wisdom, inner strength and purity. Purple is great for bringing out natural talents in people, creativity and one’s imagination. There are a lot of healers who use purple to light people’s imaginations. It inspires dreams and helps to promote the abilities of the mind in activities that involve concentration.
Blue – Spirituality is what blue represents. It helps to give feelings of nurturing, wisdom, calmness and peace. People who have a lot of blue in their clothing always look relaxed, awake and spiritualized. They feel it too. Blue is also good for relieving fevers, insomnia, stress and headaches. Finally, it is relaxing and one of the most popular colors.

Green – Green is the color that symbolizes money, love, healing, curiosity, birth and growth. People who like to have green on their clothes or in their homes are trustworthy, relaxed and laid back. It can help a person’s health, genuine nature and peace. Green has also been linked to helping people’s immune system and circulatory system.

Yellow – Yellow represents the immune system. It symbolizes warmth, empowerment, fear and concentration. Yellow can help make you feel cheerful and happy and can help you to try new things as well. Cheer up your friends and family with yellow. It also helps with the digestive system as well as the immune system.

Orange – This color represents happiness, pleasure and generosity. It helps people by giving them more energy and better social skills. Orange helps to boost the immune system and helps with depression as well. Psychic healers also vouch that orange can raise blood pressure in men and women.

Red – Red is symbolic of the major muscles in the body. It is also the color of anger, energy, ambition and fire in the body. Red creates passion and energy for creative work, and of course, red is the color of passion in love and relationships. Red makes people confident and powerful, and it also helps the blood to flow easily within the body. The lungs, bones and muscles are affected positively by the color red. Wear red to a job interview, and show people that you’re not afraid and are confident with your abilities.

You can use color in a variety of ways. For example, use certain colors to boost your bad mood or to make you feel more relaxed. Many professional psychics use a lot of color during their readings as a therapy. Use colors for yourself as a backdrop, for example. Pay attention to which colors make you feel good, and use them to your advantage!


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I am a psychic by birth and birthright. I inherited my psychic powers from my father's side of the family, even though he never manifested any psychic abilities himself. My paternal grandmother and grandfather were both gifted psychics and I am proud to carry on in their footsteps.

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